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You have the advantage of going through a loan broker like CREDIRECT, we reduce waiting times thanks to the agreements we have made with certain banks.

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A professional and responsive team, specialist in mortgage loans (Purchase / Redemption / Restructuring …)


In addition to explaining our business and our procedures, we offer you a comparative study. All the follow-up information for your loan file is sent to you.

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Our know-how, our fighting spirit, our knowledge of the sector and our network will allow you to obtain the best loan conditions.

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Real estate loan

Need to finance your real estate acquisition…? CREDIRECT supports you in your life project, by offering you tailor-made arrangements at the best market conditions..

Personal credit

Finance your studies, organize your wedding, renovate your apartment or even take off for the holidays…, with CREDIRECT, make your projects a reality with confidence.

Auto Credit

Is it special to smell the smell of new while getting behind the wheel of a new car? You have found the car of your dreams … CREDIRECT supports you and facilitates its acquisition.

Credit buyback

Do you think your old credit is costing you dearly…? CREDIRECT helps you redeem your credits under the best conditions.

Mortgage credit

You need money, you have an asset that belongs to you, CREDIRECT can finance you up to 50% of its value in cash.


You are on a professional acquisition, you seek to benefit from the tax reduction by opting for Leasing. CREDIRECT supports you for its realization.

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